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In order to expedite your upcoming appraisal, there are several things you can do to prepare:

 - Decide which items you want to have appraised.

 - Ensure that items located in the attic, basement, closets, and outbuildings are open for view.

 - Unpack items that are in drawers, trunks, or boxes that you wish to have examined.

 - Put all things of like kind together such as flatware, crystal, and dinnerware services.

 - Make sure there is adequate lighting.

 - Gather any receipts, sales slips, or earlier appraisals and place them near the appropriate items.

 - Gather any historical information or family history that relates to the items being appraised.  This might include articles or books that refer to the artwork, exhibition catalogues, family letters, conservation/restoration reports, or names of family member from whom the work descended. 

 - Large pieces of furniture may need to be pulled away from the wall to inspect the back.

 - Some fine art may need to be removed from the wall and/or frames.

 - If there is a will, please ensure that all items specifically bequeathed in the will are available for inspection.

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